They like tits. They touch me in a way that I can’t wash off in shower. It’s getting longer in the basement. It reminds me of those chunky pulp science-fiction novels that describe spaceships that are bigger on the inside. But this is Real World Shit: walls eject you even when you squirm. You gotta consider muscle and cunt. The suburban office smell melts with the dried cum in my hair. The boys tell me not to say anything or they will upload the videos online. Dumbasses. They'll do it anyways. They’re always online, forever. You can find everything on the internet. Maybe if I tell them I’m retarded they will stop. I’m speaking in sad tongues. Someone here must love me. It’s fast. I spread my legs. If you shut up earlier, it’s easier. Can he take me to New York? I wanna see the real thing, even if it's all ruined.